South Coast Photographer

Fine Art & Commercial Photography on the NSW South Coast

Welcome! I’m Jon Harris, and I’m a South Coast Photographer

I live in Gerringong – a beautiful little seaside town on the South Coast of NSW. It’s an amazing place to live, and as an Australian photographer, I really am spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful locations to photograph.

I love dabbling in all kinds of photography in my free time, but I find a few key subjects particularly compelling. My favourite thing is exploring the landscape and creating Fine Art prints to share with people. I also enjoy Commercial photography – creating content for local South Coast businesses and brands with similar values to mine is always rewarding.

If you’re looking for South Coast Photography, or if you have a particular project in mind, then please get in touch! Otherwise, take some time to explore and enjoy my photography.


What I photograph:

Fine Art Photography

As a South Coast Photographer, I’m super spoilt! Beautiful, natural landscapes and seascapes provide endless opportunities to create stunning Fine Art prints.

And while there are so many stunning South Coast photography locations, I also love to explore Australia and the rest of our world. Travelling and exploring brings new perspectives which I love to share through compelling imagery.

My home town of Gerringong is also home to the award-winning Fern Street Gallery. As one of the Gallery’s Resident Artists, I am grateful to be able to share my work in person with the local community and visitors alike.

I’ve curated a series of Limited Edition Fine Art prints for various exhibitions at Fern Street Gallery. These prints, along with other Open Editions prints, are available for sale directly through my Online Shop.

Commercial Photography

My commercial photography has taken me to some amazing places with really special people. As a South Coast Photographer, I’m surrounded by passionate, talented local businesses and organisations. Creating content for these people is incredibly rewarding!

Commercial photography can cover quite a range of subjects – properties (architecture, real estate and holiday rental), products, people, events and workshops. I also offer videography services to accompany your photos.

I regularly work with clients ranging from small local business to large brands and organisations to create engaging digital content for website, social media and advertising. So hit me with your campaign and I’ll create the content you need!