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Fine Art Photography from the South Coast

Welcome to my collection of Fine Art Photography. This ever-growing collection symbolises the moments and the scenes in nature that inspire me, and I’m grateful to share these examples of my fine art photography with you.

Living on the South Coast, I’m fairly spoilt for choice on where to shoot. Even if I just limited myself to my home town of Gerringong, I reckon we have some of the best places on the South Coast right here! Seascapes, beachscapes, rolling hills and rural landscapes are never far away. A short drive up the escarpment brings sweeping vistas, waterfalls and rainforests.

But of course, I don’t just create fine art landscape photography of the South Coast – I’ll take my camera whenever I travel in the search for new and exciting places to photograph.

If you want to dive right in, then you can pick your favourite category. Otherwise feel free to read more about my South Coast fine art photography below.



What inspires me?

Ever since I was a wee lad, I’ve always loved nature. Animals and plants, clouds and weather, tiny details and intricate patterns. I’ll sit for hours watching thunderstorms, and I can’t stop from smiling every time I see another epic sunset.

Photographing nature is also an awesome excuse to get outside and feel alive in the quiet periods around sunrise and sunset. I love the cool, pre-dawn of a sunrise shoot… seeing the colours change so quickly yet so subtly. Hearing the morning chorus of birds and insects. Smelling the fresh start to the day. Such a pleasant and invigorating sensory experience. The hardest part is to make sure I put the camera down occasionally, and just be in the moment!

I’m constantly in awe of how this world works, and I’m also keenly aware that our planet is a fragile thing, struggling to cope with modern society. I hope that by sharing the natural beauty of our planet, people will be more inclined to care for the environment.


What is Fine Art Photography?

So what exactly is the definition of fine art photography? Well, like a lot of things in the art world, this can be quite a subjective thing. And I don’t classify all of my imagery as fine art photography. So for me, an image has to meet three specific criteria before it’s included in this collection:

1 | Be a compelling image that I’m proud to share

Obviously an artwork needs to be immediately striking to capture your attention. But for my Fine Art photography prints, I strive to create more depth and interest which holds your attention for longer.

There are a few Fine Art photography techniques I employ to do this. One is to create a sense of motion for a more dynamic image (often through the movement of water). Another is to create real depth in the image, by using light, textures and depth of field – so it seems like you’re looking out of a window instead of at a flat photograph on the wall.

2 | Be a photo that works well as wall art

There are a lot of different genres of Fine Art photographic prints out there, and I certainly can’t cater to everyone’s taste! Instead, I stick with what I love, and what I can do well – and it’s not surprising to learn that the Fine Art photography prints are what I believe works well as wall art.

In my collection, you’ll find a lot of images inspired by nature – landscapes, seascapes, aerials, and wildlife. My abstract and macro photos are generally focused on a natural subject too.

My work does diverge at times to include architectural elements and cityscapes, often from my travels abroad.

3 | Be printed and framed with high-quality materials and exceptional workmanship

There’s no point devoting all of my time and energy in creating a Fine Art photography print, only to produce the final product with cheap materials and workmanship.

All of my Limited Edition art prints are produced at PhotoMart – a superbly professional print lab and frame producer. I use the highest quality HahneMühle Photo Rag 308 Fine Art paper, with options for premium TruVue reflection control glazing. Every print is mounted and custom framed by hand with meticulous attention to detail.

What does this mean for you? A masterpiece for your wall that looks better, and more importantly lasts far longer than something printed at a cheap online store and placed in a pre-bought frame.


The end result of meeting these three criteria I’ve set for myself is a Fine Art photography print which I will happily hang and exhibit in a Fine Art photography gallery, so that I can share my vision with you.

Like all of my photographic work, nothing pleases me more than seeing an image I’ve created complete its journey to become a physical art print. So if you can imagine one of these images on your wall, then please get in touch.

Happy Customers

I purchased a few very beautiful landscape prints, custom-sized, framed in Tasmanian oak and using quality glazing. The service provided by Jon was excellent with very prompt responses and offering customised solutions including extra packaging and insurance for delivery. It’s a pleasure to deal with Jon.


Art Collector, Melbourne

Jon has taken photos at our farm on a few different occasions, and every single time we have been absolutely thrilled with the results. He’s taken photos of some utterly stunning landscapes. We have used his photos extensively on our website and social media, and honestly feel we couldn’t have asked for more brilliant images to showcase our farm/wedding venue/yoga studio. Even better, Jon is a lovely guy to work with.


Willow Farm, Berry

Having previously worked in an office with a stunning view, I was pretty devastated to move into a new office with a window pointing to the local garbage bin collection point.  Having scrolled through Jons work, I picked out an image which was perfect. Jon was fantastic in sourcing an excellent acrylic supplier and now my office has the perfect view down Seven Mile Beach at sunrise.


South Coast Holidays, Gerringong

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