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Epic content for your website, social media and print advertising

Commercial Photography for your Business

If you run a business, you can’t afford NOT to invest in epic professional photography for your business. You’ve heard the phrase ‘Content is King’ right? Well, it’s mostly true – it really should be ‘Quality Content is King’. Read on to find out why photography is important for business.

I’m sure you’ve seen websites, advertisements and social media posts from businesses with poor quality photos and video. It doesn’t inspire confidence in the business, and I’m guessing you probably kept searching until you found someone with a more polished, professional appearance. I WANT THIS TO BE YOUR BUSINESS!

So what can I do for your business? Whether you’re a new startup looking for business branding photography to get you set up, or whether you’re an established business needing a content photographer for fresh imagery, the answer is the same. I’ll work with you to create epic photo and video content for your website, social media and print advertising requirements.

Commercial Photography Portfolio

Video for Small Business

I love creating compelling little videos for local businesses. Here’s an example of a fun little candle making workshop held at Willowvale Rd.

Pricing and Packages

When I create photography for businesses, my pricing structure can vary depending on what sort of photography or videography you need.

If you’re running an event or workshop with a set duration, then I will provide you with an hourly, daily or multi-day rate to cover the event. I’ll work to your brief, but essentially I’ll provide all the images and/or video that I capture during the event (all fully edited of course!)

For other types of shoots – brand photography, lifestyle photography, product photography or any other type of content photography, I find it works best to charge on a per-image basis. This pricing structure has several benefits for you and me:

  • We’ll agree on a price per-image before the shoot, which suits the type of shoot and also your budget. I do require you to purchase a minimum number of images, but I keep this to reasonable amount;
  • Removes time pressures to create all the required content in the shortest possible time, so that you’re not paying me an unreasonably large hourly rate;
  • Gives you a large selection of images to choose from without the pressure to purchase them all (therefore you can stick to your budget); and
  • If you decide you love more images than you originally planned to purchase, then simply choose more.

Don’t worry if this sounds daunting or unusual – I’ll help you through the process if you’re not sure how many images you think you need, or how long the shoot might take.

Finally, if you need videography for your business, I’ll work with you to create a quote based on the specific requirements of your project.

So, as you can see, pricing photography for your business can vary from project to project depending on the imagery and/or video required. For this reason, it’s best to contact me directly for a quote – just scroll down to the contact form at the bottom of the page, and tell me what you have in mind. 

Ready to create some epic content for your business? Get in touch for a chat!

Say hello!

Say hello!

I’m always keen to catch up for a chat and a coffee (or beer!) and come up with a plan for your content needs. Just drop me a line via the contact form – or if it’s not working for some reason then email me direct: jon at