Fortitude; to be strong, courageous and resilient, just like Chiesetta di San Silvestro, the tiny Church you see before you, perched high yet proudly in the majestic and lush Dolomites of Northern Italy.

As I drove around the windy roads in the Dolomites, the light started to shine through the low, moody clouds and this stunning church illuminated before me. A sense of wonder and intrigue overcame me, and I was in awe of its presence amongst the steep and rugged mountains it stood so gracefully on.

Weathering the fierce elements of nature, Chiesetta di San Silvestro is an accurate representation of inner strength and power. That we, too, can withstand the diverse elements thrown at us in life, and why I have so fittingly called this image, Fortitude.

Fortitude is one of my best-selling prints and makes for a striking and thought-provoking piece for your home, office space or mountainous holiday accommodation.


This photograph is part of a Limited Edition of 30 prints. It is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity, and both the print and the Certificate contain a holographic, uniquely paired serial number to authenticate this as a genuine fine art print.


Dimensions for the print sizes listed in the dropdowns above are as follows:
Framed Prints
Framed prints are mounted with a border mat between the print and the frame, so the final framed dimensions are a bit larger than the actual print size.

  • Large (Print size: 76.2 x 114.3cm  |  Frame size: 95 x 133cm)
  • Medium (Print size: 50.8 x 76.2cm  |  Frame size: 69 x 94cm)
  • Small (Print size: 40.6 x 60.9cm  |  Frame size: 59 x 79cm)

Framed Canvases
Framed canvases have no mat - just a small shadow gap between the edge of the canvas and the frame. So typically the final framed dimensions for a canvas are approximately 2cm more than the canvas size.

  • Large - Canvas size: 76.2 x 114.3cm
  • Medium - Canvas size: 50.8 x 76.2cm
  • Small - Canvas size: 40.6 x 60.9cm


  • Framed print - Printed on Hahnemühle Photo Rag 308 fine art paper. Framed in your choice of Oak, Black or White timber, with TruVue UV70 premium glazing for exceptional clarity and glare reduction.
  • Framed canvas - Printed on premium metallic canvas. Box framed in your choice of Oak, Black or White timber.


If the print you've chosen is currently in stock in the correct size and framing configuration, it will be shipped within a few days. If the print is not in stock, then please allow up to 4 weeks for production and shipping time to you.